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Things are not always what they seem.

     Things are not always what they seem.  I believe we have two lives: the corporeal and the spiritual.  Our link with the spiritual puts us properly in contact with the universe: chaotic, unpredictable, fantastic.  Many people choose to ignore this aspect of themselves, and feel more comfortable in the 'real' world. 


     Art in all its forms allows us to see and express those spiritual parts of our lives which seem at odds with our 'real' world.  Dreams, fractured memories, 'psychic' experiences: all of these can be pleasurable, frightening or unsettling.  Yet they provide rich ground for artistic production.  


     In my writing, artwork and music, I have tried to look into the depths, and draw on these 'unreal' experiences to create what I hope are insightful, interesting, diverse artworks. 


     I hope that they bring you as much enjoyment and satisfaction in experiencing them as I have had in creating them.

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